Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look whats happenning at Sunflowerfields.....

*Save more with every purchase at Sunflowerfield*

As a reward for their regular customers and all those who are going to become that, Sunflowerfield has thought of a way in which you will be able to save more, with every new purchase in their store.

And this is how it works.

From today, as soon as you place an order in the Sunflowerfields webstore, you will receive a 5% discount code which you will be able to use with your next purchase.
After the second order, you will, again receive a discount code, this time on a 10% , to use with your next (third) order.
After the third order you will get a 15% discount code and finally, after your 4th order a 20% discount code which you will then be able to use until the end of the year (from the date of your first purchase).
All codes, except the 20% one, can be used once in the course of a year.
The 20% discount code, once you have received it, can be used as many times as you wish until one year, after your first order, has completed.

And that is not all, every month, starting with February 1st, they will be having a featured product, which you will be able to get for -50% of its original price, until, of course that product remains in stock.

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