Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Tornado ....Adairsville, GA

Well Hello Everyone,
We had a tornado here in Adairsville, Georgia.  Its a very small town and made national news.  Our neighborhood was not hit; thank goodness however many were.  We were without power for over 24 hours, lost a few small trees and a shutter from the house, thankful that it was so minor at our house.  I was at home, son was at school and husband was at work.  There are so many policemen, georgia power works and trucks, news crews etc that we have more traffic than normal.  Of course, we are thankful for all the help.   Here are a few pictures we took yesterday afternoon:

These are just the areas we could get to, the bad areas are still blocked by police.  These cars in above photo were pulled nto the tornado and thrown out. Very scary, 1 fatality and a lot of damage.

1 Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge  Psalm 16: 1

Remember You are blessed. 


  1. Your little town was all over the news last evening and on the Weather Channel too. Thankfully you are okay. One death is one death too many.

    Blessings, be safe.

  2. So glad you are ok! We live south of Atlanta but we had warnings. Our kids were huddled in hallways at school just 5 min. after I dropped them off because we had a tornado warning. My middle school student told me she was very afraid and her heart pounded all day. We watched the news and saw a bit of the damage. Thanks for posting that wonderful scripture at the bottom of your post!

  3. I was praying as all of this was happening. I am happy you are ok and not much damage. I will continue to pray for your City. Hugs

  4. So sorry for everyone's loss in the storm. So glad, though that you and yours are OK! :^)
    Hugs, Penny


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