Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Follow Up Visit Cervical Discectomy C6, graft & fusion....

Well the incision seems to be healing well (Dr agrees.) I have a huge band aid rash/sore around the incision area however not bad.    My neck is still stiff in middle back however my fingers are not numb except a tiny bit in the tips of my thumb and index.  Dr said I can wean off the brace within the next 3 days.  He said to start moving, turning my neck and bending .Start moving around slowly.  Then within a couple of weeks, I can drive again. (Thank Goodness).  Dr also said incision looked good from x-rays that brackets and screws were all in the correct place.  He said it takes about 2 1/2 months for the fusion to start.  I have a check up next month.
I have to follow up with my regular doctor, I had elevated pulse, and have had a pain right above my stomach in center (indigestion, gallbladder?) I had elevated pulse and low oxygen while I was at hospital but after 3 days, I checked myself out of the hospital.  I checked out after two EKG's and blood work--both fine.My surgeon told me it would be a overnight stay. (The story is much longer however lets just say that I will not be going to that hospital ever again.)

Above I am pointing at the scar but its hard to see in picture. Also, please excuse me, still no makeup or hairstyle.

Have a great day!  I want to thank you all for dropping by my blog and wishing me a quick recovery.  Keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  Hugs.  Kim 


  1. Oh, you look beautiful, now you look 20, in the last pic you looked 12. (o:

    Blessings, take it easy and rest. Everything else will fall into place.

    Hugs ♥

  2. It sounds like you had a very bad experience at the hospital to have to check yourself out after 3 days. :( Sorry to hear that. Your scar looks like it's healing beautifully Kim!

  3. You are looking well ! Your positive attitude and faith is what will pull you through it all in the end.
    Love, Chris

  4. You look wonderful,happy the healing is going well. Very sorry you had a bad experience. It's tough enough being in the hospital without other problems arising.

  5. Well, criminy girl. It's hard to believe you have that lovely, radiant smile after going through all this!

    My prayers of healing for you continue.

    Gentle hugs and blessings.


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