Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book Giveaway

Giveaway of Maria Juana’s Gift by T. Lloyd Winetsky ---NEW Advanced Readers copy direct from Company.

In his latest novel, Maria Juana’s Gift, author and educator T. Lloyd Winetsky explores the frustration and heartbreak of medical malpractice, a hot button issue which some call the “dirty little secret” of American health care. He takes a look back to the Bicentennial year when “preventable human medical error” was a festering problem and parents had little power over the medical and emergency care of their children.
Although Maria Juana's Gift is a fictional account of preventable human medical error and the theme approaches the very core of inhumanity, the novel also celebrates the gratitude that Jake and Tina have for a “gift” they believe will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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******Update-Congrats Tee!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a very interesting and need to take a book, because I am sure it happens more than we can perceive, which is most scary.
    Count me in the giveaway pot please. Thanks Tee

  2. Hi Kim,

    Yes, please count me it. And of course I follow you.

    Drop in at The Bear's Blog, we too are having a giveaway, deadline is July 2 (our 1 year anniversary of blogging).


  3. Sounds like an interesting book! It would probably scare us to death to think of all the things that go wrong and are covered up in our health care system.


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