Friday, April 29, 2011

A couple of crazy quilt blocks

I made these two crazy quilt blocks to embellish.  I follow Pams blog, Kittyandmedesigns blog, and she is such a sweet person and a big inspiration for me. Pam has years of experience and makes the most beautiful crazy quilt blocks.  I could only hope to make something as pretty as those.  Here are my blocks prior to embellishment.  I wasnt going to post them until I had finished with the embellishment but my mom said go ahead and post.  So here are my crazy quilt blocks:

Anyways, if you are a crazy quilter, and reading my blog, you know who you are, please tell me, what do you do next???? 
Thats all for today.  Thank you for dropping by!
Living in God's Graces,
Kim B

***1 Thessalonians 5:17 (New International Version, ©2011)

17 pray continually,


  1. I would embellish the seams next Kim - but then again, this is crazy quilting and you are SUPPOSED to do whatever you want to!!

  2. I'm new to CQ also, and also inspired by Pam. Your blocks look great. I try to do the seams first also although I don't know what the "right"steps are. BTW your dogs are adorable!

  3. Great start Kim, I love the crazy quilts Pam does, someday I'm going to try my hand at some too. Wish I could help.
    hugs Lynn

  4. Hi Kim,

    It's a great first step! The next thing I would do is to choose some lace for one of the seams. Then I would starting stitching!!!

    thanks for mentioning me! You're a sweetpea!



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