Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Bunny and now Teacups

Well it seems my theme has been bunnies. I love all the holiday bunnies for Easter.  Of course dont forget that Easter really is not about the bunnies.
Easter----When you think of Easter, you probably think of the Easter Bunny, colored eggs and lots of candy... but to Christians around the world it is much, much more. Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year.

Easter Day is the day Christians remember Jesus rising from the dead. After his brutal crucifixion, a large stone was rolled over his tomb. But shortly after his death when followers went back to honor Jesus, the stone had mysteriously been moved and only the cloth that wrapped Jesus' body was laying there. As the story goes, Jesus' body was no longer in the tomb and he had in fact risen from his death in order to save us all. An angel nearby this tomb told his followers of the miracle that had taken place.

Well, back to bunnies, here is a hand embroidery done by me :)

What should I do? frame it? sew it a border?  ideas please......
Thanks for hopping by.....Hoppy Weekend.


  1. Blessings to you and Amen. I love your embroidery piece.... I think it would look neat on a woven quilt piece! I am more into paper than fabric but I have been following Spirit Cloth and love the look of the woven quilt little pieces she does.

    If you have not seen her works check it out.

  2. That is super sweet, Kim! Hope you will upload some pics of your art journal as well ;) I like the new style of your blog!
    Janna xx

  3. Oh how darling those bunnies are Kim. I'd say mount it on a hanging, add lots of spring flowers and ribbon!!! Somethin you can show ever Easter.
    hugs Lynn

  4. This is too Sweet!! Beautiful work Kim!
    Nancy :D


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